Galaxy Bangkok Bazaar

Galaxy Bangkok Bazaar – Noida Extension

Galaxy Bangkok bazaar is the new commercial shops located at galaxy blue sapphire noida extension. Galaxy Bangkok bazaar shops are small in size and are located at 2 nd floor. These shops are perfect fit for your business as are located in central business location of noida extension. As galaxy blue sapphire would house banquet halls, multiplexes, offices, suites and many more commercial activities. This entire crowd would be a boon for shop owners at Bangkok bazaar.

Feature and Amenities at Bangkok Bazaar

Bangkok bazaar is part of the state of the art commercial property. It is having features and amenities as per the international standards. Either the commercial amenities or recreational amenities both are of very high standard. In term of visibility and footfall Bangkok bazaar is superbly located shops. Nearby area are also having multiple commercial properties which would make this area the most sought after location for commercial needs. Around more than 1 lac families are going to live in noida extension which would be its customers.